“Age Is Just a Number”: The Inspiring Journey of a Japanese Woman Embracing Fitness Beyond Grey Hair

She wanted to have a slim waist and curvy hips. She’s a Japanese woman born in 1931. She’s charming and always laughs loudly. She’s 150 cm tall but has a nice figure. Even at 65, she goes to the gym to work out. She used to be a housewife, but her husband told her she was getting overweight, so she started exercising.

After that, a lady named Mika also started going to the gym to stay fit. She did aerobics and swimming.

When she successfully lost weight, she wanted a slim waist and beautiful hips.

Later, she met a 79-year-old trainer at the gym and began training with him. Over time, the trainer noticed her progress. She really enjoyed her workouts and wished she had started earlier.

Once the trainer couldn’t train another client, so this lady decided to give it a try. At first, it was hard, and she was nervous, but she improved.

That’s how her career began. She’s now 87 and a professional trainer. She’s famous worldwide, and people of all ages come to her for training.

She wakes up at 4:00 and goes for a morning run. She never skips medical check-ups and says she’s mostly healthy.


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