Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Her Depression Following Tom Cruise Breakup

At first, the actors were one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. People were happy when Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise in 1990, making them a lovely couple.

However, their happiness didn’t last long. They faced problems in their relationship while filming „Eyes Wide Shut.“

Nicole was surprised by the divorce, and after that, she started working on the TV series „The Hours.“

The talented actress won a Golden Globe for Best Actress, but the film was a real challenge for her.

Years later, she opened up about it, saying, „I didn’t realize the real danger at that time. Now, I understand that I was not in a good state of mind. It’s like I carried heavy burdens and went into the river.“

She admitted she wasn’t in a good condition, but her character in the movie reflected her struggles. The director understood her situation and was very gentle with her during the filming.

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