“Stuck in Childhood”: Challenges Faced by a 22-Year-Old Woman with a Childlike Appearance

Meet Shauna, a 22-year-old woman who looks like a real child, standing just over a meter tall. Despite her age, her body resembles that of an eight-year-old.

During her childhood, Shauna faced health issues, receiving constant treatment. It seemed like the problem was resolved, but her growth stopped at some point.

Shauna shares, “In regular people, everything usually develops. But everything stopped for me. I’ll never grow up and will always look like a child.”

Living with this condition is challenging. Shauna faces difficulties going to the gym alone and feels uncomfortable in restaurants. People who don’t understand her situation often mistake her for a child, and even her parents find it hard to treat her as an adult.

“My parents are very worried about me. So when I go for a walk, they always ask me lots of questions about where I’m going and what I’ll do,” she explains.

While Shauna’s mother understands the challenges, she also knows it’s time to let her daughter be independent. However, being a mother, she remains concerned about Shauna’s well-being.

Who will protect a daughter who physically looks like an eight-year-old child?

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