“Surprise Proposal at 79”: Mick Jagger’s New Love Revealed

At the age of 79, Mick Jagger surprised the public by introducing his new girlfriend, sparking widespread astonishment. The iconic member of “The Rolling Stones,” Mick Jagger, recently proposed to Melanie Hamrick, presenting her with a stunning and opulent engagement ring that left everyone in awe.

This romantic milestone occurred during their joint trip to New York City. Melanie proudly wears the engagement ring as a symbol of their commitment. Notably, Melanie is also the mother of one of Mick’s children.

An insider revealed that Melanie openly shared her intentions to marry Mick Jagger with her friends at the American Ballet Theater, and all of them expressed their genuine happiness for her.

The initial public sighting of Mick Jagger and Melanie together took place on the balcony of a Zurich hotel. Their relationship blossomed shortly after the tragic loss of Mick’s previous girlfriend.

Melanie is not only the mother of Mick Jagger’s eighth child but is now poised to become his wife as well.

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