Angelina Jolie and Daughter Zahara’s New York Outing Sparks Fashion Debate

Angelina Jolie was seen in New York with her adopted daughter Zahara, and some people didn’t like her outfit.

Photographers took pictures of the famous actress and her daughter as they walked in New York. They were friendly to the paparazzi.

People noticed that Jolie had blonde hair now and was wearing a white dress that some thought looked like a nightgown. Many thought her outfit was a bad choice.

Zahara dressed more modestly compared to her mom. As soon as the pictures went online, they became really popular, and lots of people commented on how they looked.

Some comments said things like, „I will always admire this woman!“, „We appreciate your kindness!“, „She treats her adopted children just like her own!“, and „Blonde Jolie from the 1990s is back!“

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