„Rare Pictures of Pretty Woman’s Children“: The Remarkable Transformations of Roberts’ Kids Captivate All

Our favorite actress, Julia Roberts, shared a special family photo that shows her grown-up children.

Julia Roberts is not only a very talented and famous actress but also a loving and devoted mother to her three beautiful kids.

Let’s meet her three children when they were still kids. Each of them is unique and lovely in their own way.

The oldest one goes to a private school in Los Angeles and is doing great in her studies. She’s following in her mom’s footsteps and has already appeared in a few movies.

Here’s her twin brother, who hasn’t decided on his path yet. He might become a singer since he has a beautiful voice.

Julia always tries to keep her kids out of the public eye and protect them like a guardian angel.

Here’s a rare family photo of them. They look so beautiful!

This is what Julia Roberts’ grown-up kids look like now.

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