„My Appearance and Life Were Ruined“: Linda Evangelista’s First Appearance on Screen After Failed Surgery

This is how cosmetic surgery negatively affected the life of a mannequin.

Linda Evangelista, who used to be very beautiful, lost her previous beauty due to a surgery that didn’t go well.

The model herself talked about it, sharing her pain about her changed appearance.

Recently, 56-year-old Linda appeared on the screen after being out of the public eye for a long time. When she decided to have an operation to look younger, things didn’t go as planned, and instead of looking better, she got a terrible result.

After the surgery, she noticed some bumps on her body that became more noticeable every day. She thought it was temporary and that she would look better after some time, but she was mistaken.

She felt embarrassed about her appearance and stopped appearing in public and talking to her friends and family.

It’s unfortunate that her life and appearance were negatively impacted.

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