Embracing Imperfections: Lena Headey’s Natural Beauty

The show „Game of Thrones“ became very popular, and many people know the actress who played Cersei Lannister, a stunning character from George Martin’s book.

Lena Headey, a British actress, portrayed this character. However, in real life, she doesn’t have flawless skin, and she can’t change that with diet or exercise.

Once, she shared a video on her social media and even asked people who didn’t like her appearance to unfollow her. Many of her fans criticize her.

In the video, she decided to go without makeup to show everyone that she doesn’t care about haters. Her fans noticed that she has skin issues with acne and that her teeth are crowded.

Critics wondered why she doesn’t visit a dentist or a beautician. She’s a famous actress but doesn’t prioritize looking beautiful. Still, her fans believe she looks very natural without heavy makeup and retouching.

However, she doesn’t pay attention to the critics and wrote on her blog: „This is who I am. Just get used to it.“

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