«Love that lasted for 73 years!»: The heartwarming love story of late Elizabeth and the Prince

Not everybody is aware of the love story behind the late royal spouses 🤗❤️

Individuals will have fun the seventy fifth anniversary of the engagement of the Prince and the Queen this yr although the royal couple is, misfortunately, not with us anymore.

That is how their story started.

The girl was the eldest heiress of Prince Albert and Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. She research French, humanities and was keen on horse using.

Initially, it was identified that her uncle Edward must be on the throne. But, he gave up on it and began a relationship with divorced American W. Simpson. Accordingly, her father grew to become the King.

What issues Philip, he was the eldest inheritor of King George I of Greece.

After his mother and father divorced, his mom couldn’t deal with such exhausting work and went mad being despatched to a psychological hospital. It was his father who took care of him and despatched him to highschool.

Their first encounter occurred on the wedding ceremony of the Greek princess when she was solely 8, and he was 13.

She knew that she wanted no man, however him and believed they have been really destined for one another.

They obtained engaged and at the moment, they have been 21 and 26 correspondingly.

The girl promised to obey her. The legendary spouses had 4 kids.

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