„Success Runs in the Family“: A Look at Meryl Streep’s Four Children

Meryl Streep, a famous and talented Hollywood actress, has a family that people find remarkable due to their strong resemblance to her.

Meryl is known for her successful roles in movies and her unique beauty. Her husband is Don Gummer, and together they have four children.

The oldest child, Mamie, decided to become an actress like her mom and started her career at a young age. Not many people know that she played her mother’s daughter in the movie „Heartburn.“

The middle child, Grace, also followed in her mother’s footsteps and portrayed a young version of her in a film.

The youngest child became the face of the well-known advertising company „Christian Dior“ and is also trying her hand at acting.

Lastly, there’s Meryl’s son, Henry Wolfe, who pursued a career in music. He records soundtracks for famous films and even released an album in 2011.

It’s easy to see that all of Meryl Streep’s children strongly resemble their mother.

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