Madonna’s Son Rocco Celebrates 22nd Birthday: Striking Resemblance to Father Ritchie

Madonna celebrated her son Rocco’s 22nd birthday and shared some photos. People were amazed at how much Rocco looks like his dad, Ritchie. Madonna was really happy about her son and they raised their glasses to celebrate.

In the photos, you can also see Madonna’s younger kids, Lourdes and David, were not there for some reason. Madonna wore a pretty floral silk dress.

As for Rocco, he wore gray pants and a blue shirt that was not buttoned up. People started to compare him to his dad and noticed how much they look alike.

Rocco was born in 2000 to Madonna and director G. Ritchie. His childhood was not easy because his parents got divorced when he was 8 years old.

Later, he left home and got into trouble with illegal drugs when he was 16. He had to move and live with his father because he was tired of his mom’s controlling behavior.

Rocco really likes art and even sells his own artwork. He also does modeling.

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