Uma Thurman’s Handsome 20-Year-Old Son Making Waves in Acting and Modeling

Here’s what Thurman’s 20-year-old son looks like 🧐🤔

Thurman’s son has been a hot topic among people online because he’s good-looking and has a successful career. He’s trying his hand at acting, and it’s clear that he’s really talented, which he probably inherited from his mom.

Levon had his first acting role in 2018. It wasn’t a major role, but it got him noticed, and since then, he’s been appearing on screen quite often.

He has a lot of fans who are drawn to his appearance. They follow him on Instagram to see what their favorite actor is up to, what he likes, and how he lives.

People leave many comments on his photos, praising his talent and good looks, and some even say that every girl would want to be with him.

His mom is also impressed by his beauty. They have a strong bond and really love each other.

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