„Charming Family Moments“: Hollywood Actress from ‘Pretty Lady’ Shares Rare Photos

The star of the popular 90s movie „Pretty Lady“ recently shared some rare family photos 🥰❤️

The little daughter looks exactly like her famous mom!

Here is the well-known and very successful Hollywood actress with her beautiful family, including her lovely children and beloved husband.

Let’s wish the family many happy and carefree years together. Check out this adorable child!

The actress with her three kids. This lovely family is hard to ignore.

All their children are very talented and charming.

Some private family photos.

This is how they enjoy their family time together. Meet Hazel!

The man the Pretty Lady has been happily married to for a long time.

What a beautiful couple they make!

They set a great example of what a strong and devoted family should look like.

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