Johnny Depp Sells His Portrait Reflecting Dark Period in His Life

Johnny Depp, the famous actor known for his role in „Pirates of the Caribbean,“ is selling a picture he drew when he was going through a tough time in his life. He wants to get rid of things that remind him of his ex-wife, Amber Heard. He’s selling this painting for 1950 euros.

This painting was inspired by a photographer during a Christian Dior Perfumes photoshoot in 2015. It’s his way of saying thank you to Dior for supporting him during a hard time. The painting is a self-portrait called „5,“ representing the five difficult years he went through. He tried to show his hidden feelings by drawing it.

Amber Heard faced a lot of criticism after losing her trial. She left Hollywood and moved to Spain in 2021. In that year, she became a mother.

The portrait shows Johnny Depp’s inner struggle and reminds him of the darkest time in his life.

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