Carla Bruni’s Changing Look Sparks Online Discussions

When Carla Bruni came to Athens for a show recently, some folks noticed that she looked a bit different. This got people talking on the internet.

Some of her fans thought she might have gotten fillers, which can make your face look a little unnatural and puffy. Some even said she reminded them of „Catwoman,“ who’s known for having lots of cosmetic surgery.

It’s interesting to think back to when Carla Bruni was a famous model, and everyone loved her natural beauty. Now, it seems like she might have used some treatments to try and look younger. The change in her looks from then to now has led to a lot of discussions among her fans.

Carla Bruni in 1990

In 1990

In 2003

In 2006

In 2010

And here is what she looks like now!

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