“Living in a Cave for 60 Years”: A Couple’s Unwavering Commitment to their Unique Home

In the past, there was a couple from China who got married 60 years ago. They didn’t have enough money to buy or rent a house, so they decided to live in a cave.

In the cave, they made a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. They were good at farming and kept chickens and pigs. They ate healthy food like vegetables and fruits. They traded clothes and other things for meat and eggs in a nearby village.

They had children, and the woman even gave birth to her babies in the cave. But when their kids grew up, they didn’t want to live in the “stone house” anymore and moved to the city. However, the parents didn’t want to leave their cave and chose to stay there.

The government found out about this unique family and offered them an apartment in the city where their children lived, but the elderly couple declined.

They were used to the quiet, privacy, and nature of their cave and didn’t want to disrupt their happy marriage.

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