Paparazzi Snap Vanessa Paradis on Vacation with Johnny Depp’s Son, Eliciting Comments on Her Appearance

Vanessa Paradis, who used to be with Johnny Depp, is on a calm vacation in the south of France with her 18-year-old son, Jack.

Recently, photographers took pictures of 47-year-old Vanessa as she bought fresh bread for their breakfast during the trip. She’s enjoying the vacation with her son and his girlfriend, Camille Jansen, who is a model and they invited her to join their family trip.

It’s clear that Jack and Camille are in love and they show it openly on social media.

Some fans talked about Vanessa’s appearance in the pictures, saying things like „she looks like a homeless person“ or commenting on her clothes. But it seems Vanessa doesn’t really care about what others think. She’s just enjoying her well-deserved break and wearing comfortable clothes on her vacation.

It’s really nice to see Vanessa having a good time without worrying about what others think. She deserves to relax and enjoy moments of peace, especially because she’s been a dedicated mother and a talented artist.

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