“Two Boys with Albinism”: Their Unique Story

A boy surprised the doctors when he was born with completely white hair.

Babies with different features are born all the time. In 2012, a family had their third child, a boy they named Redd. When he was born, the doctors were amazed because his hair was completely white.

It turned out that the boy had a condition called albinism. Usually, this kind of condition is inherited, so if someone in your family has it, you might get it too.

The boy’s grandmother also had very light hair. Even though she never said she was an albino, it was pretty clear. She was the only one among her brothers and sisters with such white hair.

After this boy was born, another boy in the family also had the same hair color. Both kids had albinism, which only shows through their blonde hair. Their skin and eye colors are like most other people’s.

People often notice these boys when they’re out and about. They ask questions and want to take pictures with them. The parents are happy that society accepts their boys so well. They do everything they can to make sure the kids don’t feel different.

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