„Meghan Markle’s Unconventional Choice“: A Dress That Divided Opinion at the Ceremony

At the awards ceremony in 2023, everyone noticed her. The experts who know about the royal family were correct when they wondered why Meghan Markle didn’t go to Charles’s coronation. It turned out that she declined the invitation because she didn’t want to be lost in the crowd of famous people.

So, she decided to get special attention. She planned to make a grand entrance and wanted to catch everyone’s eye. Moreover, her outfit was so bright that it was impossible not to notice her.

She wore a shining gold outfit. Meghan was dressed all in gold. She picked a dress made of shiny gold material and carried a gold purse. She also wore gold earrings and bracelets with diamonds.

Her outfit wasn’t wrong for the occasion, but not many people liked it. Instead, she could have worn a simple outfit and won the hearts of millions. What do you think of her look?

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