The Woman Who Cares for Realistic Dolls Like Her Own Children

This lady spends a lot of money and time on her daughters, just like her actual mother does.

This lady surprises everyone with her choice. When you see pictures of her, she looks like a regular young mom. In one photo, she’s holding her oldest daughter, and in another, she’s with her newborn daughter. There’s also a sweet picture of the sisters together. But there’s a big difference between these girls and other babies.

When you look at the pictures of these babies, they look so real that it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart from real children. This lady spends a lot of money and time on her girls, just like any other mom. These dolls even have their own small-sized houses with furniture and toys. They have plenty of clothes and accessories.

The woman takes care of these dolls just like real kids. Initially, these dolls were made for children to play with, but it’s clear that adult women also buy these dolls, and not everyone who does this has a problem.

Some people say they get these dolls that look like their own children to relive their early years. For many, these dolls provide real comfort when they’re alone, so we shouldn’t judge this lady.

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