Successful Surgery Removes Giant Birthmark from Girl’s Face

There’s a condition that doesn’t hurt, but it can turn into a serious illness. 🧐🥺

One day, a new girl was born in the world. The mother of this girl, who has a birthmark on her face, says her daughter has had her final surgery.

A girl born in the USA has a large birthmark on her face called a melanocytic nevus. This condition doesn’t cause pain, but it could become cancer at some point. The birthmark covers almost her entire face.

Doctors examined the baby and found that she needs more than 100 laser therapy sessions and four years of treatment.

A surgeon from Krasnodar named Pavel Popov decided to help remove this birthmark. The girl and her mother flew to Krasnodar with the hope that everything would go well.

In Krasnodar, the doctor removed the birthmark from her left cheek first. In 2021, the child’s mother mentioned that they were going back to the USA due to visa problems. Later, it was revealed that they were returning to Kuban.

This time, the girl’s mother wrote on her account that the girl had her last operation. According to her, the girl is feeling great, living an active life, has a good appetite, and is not in pain anymore.

The girl has a bandage on her face, which affects her vision. According to her mother, this was the final operation, and everything went well.

We wish this child good health!

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