„Journey to Recovery“: Battling Anorexia and Pursuing Her Dreams

A woman named Sara got very sick and lost a lot of weight, going down to 30 kilograms. When she was 18, she had a condition called anorexia but didn’t want to acknowledge it.

It all started because she wanted to stay in good shape. She ran every day and ate very little.

Then Sara lost control. She was eating as little as 300-400 calories a day. She even ran so much that her legs would bleed, and she sometimes got lost.

As a result, her weight dropped to 30 kilograms, her hair fell out, she felt awful, her bones hurt, and her nose would often bleed.

People around her noticed something was wrong. They said she could go back to school when her therapist and psychologist agreed.

Sara had to go to the hospital because of her anorexia. She wasn’t allowed to get up and had to eat high-calorie food, even though she couldn’t remember what it tasted like.

„For someone with a mental illness, it’s very hard to admit that they have a problem,“ Sara says. She wanted to continue her studies, so she did everything the experts told her to do.

Fortunately, the treatment worked, and she gained 19 kilograms. Now Sara is 22 years old. She eats healthily and builds muscles, but she still dreams of becoming a doctor.

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