Blake Lively’s Bikini Photo Drives Fans Wild, Sparking Envy for Ryan

Look at how great Vigorous looks in a bikini after having 4 kids!

The actress shared a picture in a bikini by the pool on social media. She made a cute joke in the caption and tagged her husband in the photo.

We’re not sure why she tagged Ryan Reynolds in the photo, but they often joke with each other online, so it’s probably part of their usual banter.

They’re about to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They have four kids together. Ryan and Blake playfully tease each other in their captions. But on Mother’s Day, Ryan posted a heartfelt message thanking Blake for her influence on their family and her courage as a mom.

According to Reynolds, she’s the heart of their family, bringing joy and kindness to their relationship. He says she has incredible strength as a mom.

In short, Blake looks beautiful in the bikini photo, despite having four kids. People love their funny interactions online.

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