Lucky Couple Wins Million-Dollar Mansion in Lottery

A couple won a big, beautiful house in Ascot through a lottery. This was an incredible stroke of luck for them.

The wife bought a lottery ticket for £10 in January and ended up becoming the owner of a luxurious house worth £3.5 million. Her husband had been buying lottery tickets for a long time, hoping for a win, but luck never favored him.

This year, he forgot to buy a ticket, but his wife decided to purchase one without telling him. They used to live in a small house in London with their neighbors.

The wife is on maternity leave, and the husband works as an accountant. They never imagined that their daughter would celebrate her first birthday in this fantastic, large house.

The new house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, beautiful furniture, a porch, and a garden. The family was thrilled to see the beauty of their new home.

The wife mentioned that their old apartment was quite cramped, and they couldn’t even host her parents when they visited. However, now they have the space to accommodate them. They also have the option to sell or rent the house if they choose. Additionally, they received $27,000 in cash as a housewarming gift.

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