Keira Knightley’s Unique Outfit Sparks Controversy and Concerns About Her Health

People are talking about what Keira Knightley wore recently. The actress, who is 38 years old, is known for her unique fashion sense. She was chosen to represent Chanel perfumes and be inspired by Karl Lagerfeld.

But this time, she wore something that not everyone liked. She had on a gray hoodie and a skirt with feathers. She wore black heels to complete her look. Many people on the internet noticed her outfit and had things to say.

One person said, “City Crazy.” Another added, “Terrible skirt, it made her legs look short.” Someone else wondered, “Why is she wearing that skirt and sweater together?”

Another person commented, “I thought I saw her chest, or maybe I was wrong?”

Fans of the Hollywood star also noticed that she looks like she lost weight. They say her face looks different, her chest seems smaller, and you can see her ribs. Some people think she might have anorexia.

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