“Speculation Surrounds Shakira’s ‘No’ Message in Paris Fashion Show Look: Was It Aimed at Pique?

Shakira, a famous Colombian singer, wore a striking outfit at Paris Fashion Week. The outfit was dedicated to the Viktor and Rolf anniversary.

The 46-year-old star’s look with bright details caught everyone’s attention. She had straightened hair and stylish sunglasses that matched her monochrome outfit.

Her white coat had golden crystals and a big “No” written on it.

To get even more attention, she kept waving her hand and saying “No” to photographers and journalists.

People saw different meanings behind this “No.” Some thought it was aimed at her ex-husband Pique, who cheated on her, while others believed it was related to her 2005 song. According to Dutch designers, it was a statement against the fast-paced nature of the fashion world.

After her divorce, Shakira moved to Miami. It is believed she is in a relationship with Lewis Hamilton, while her ex-partner found happiness with someone else.

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