Madame Michel Shares Pre-Cosmetic Surgery Photo: Warnings About Her Surgeon

This woman, who is famous as Madame Michel, had a tough experience with cosmetic surgery. She is 54 years old, and in the 1990s, something went wrong with a cosmetic procedure that badly affected her appearance. That’s why she decided to have cosmetic surgery.

Over the years, people questioned the truth of her story, but her changed face made it clear that something had gone wrong.

Recently, she decided to share photos of her face before the surgery. Her fans were pleasantly surprised to see her beautiful face in those pictures. They couldn’t believe it was the same person. They wrote comments like, „You used to be very attractive,“ „We should avoid the surgeon responsible,“ and „What happened to you?“

She still hopes that her appearance can be improved one day. It’s not easy for her to live with her current looks, especially when people openly criticize her.

Have you heard of this woman before?

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