„Mother’s Sacrifice“: Mother pretended to be a man for 40 years to provide for her daughter

There’s a lady named Sisi in Egypt who had to do many jobs to take care of her daughter.

Every mom does what she can for her kids. Sisi had a tough life. She pretended to be a man for over 40 years.

When she was 16, she got married, but her husband died when she was pregnant. To support herself and her daughter, she had to find work.

In Egypt 40 years ago, women couldn’t work. So, Sisi dressed like a man to get a job because no one wanted to hire women.

She worked different jobs, like carrying bricks at a construction site and harvesting crops in the fields.

Now, she cleans shoes at the station and earns about 10 pounds a day, which is less than a dollar. With this money, she managed to build her own house.

Her daughter lived with her grandmother while she worked. Nowadays, women can work in Egypt, so she doesn’t have to pretend to be a man anymore. But after 40 years, it’s hard for her to wear women’s clothes.

In 2015, the government gave her the „Ideal Motherhood“ award because of her story.

After becoming famous worldwide with the help of journalists, she got a license to work legally.

Even with all the attention, she keeps working hard so her daughter has everything she needs.

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