„Heartwarming Gesture“: Boys Shave Heads to Support Ailing Grandfather

Everyone loved the idea except the people who run the school

There’s this really nice and touching story about two kids, Ethan and his little brother Callum. They decided to shave their heads to support their grandpa, who lost his hair because of chemotherapy but got better with a bone marrow transplant.

The boys’ mom was super proud of them. She thought it was a brave thing to do, especially for kids their age.

You’d think everyone would be happy about it, right? Well, not the people who run the school where the boys go. They didn’t like the boys’ new haircuts and told them they couldn’t come to school like that because it gets too much attention.

Even when the boys’ mom explained that they did it for their sick grandpa who’s in isolation and getting treatment, the teachers still didn’t agree. The boys’ class teacher even asked why they didn’t wait until the holidays.

The mom shared the story on social media, and a lot of people showed support. More than a thousand people commented on the post, all praising the boys and calling them real heroes.

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