Incredible Hero Saves 2 Million Babies with Special Blood – You Won’t Believe the Impact!

There’s a guy named James from Australia who’s a real hero. He donated blood 1173 times and helped over 2 million babies be born healthy. James was born in 1936 and had a tough time when he was 14 because he had a serious illness and needed a lot of blood to survive.

After the doctors used 13 liters of blood to save him, James decided he wanted to be a blood donor and save lives. Even though he was scared of needles, he kept his promise. Doctors found out that James’ blood had something special that helps treat pregnancy problems.

When a mom and dad have different blood types, it can cause problems for the baby. James found out his blood could help with this, so he started donating blood every two weeks. His special blood helped many babies, including his own daughter, avoid problems during pregnancy.

James, a regular guy from New South Wales, became a hero for millions of babies.

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