„Uganda’s Remarkable Mother of 38 Children“: Mariam’s Extraordinary Motherhood Journey

This is a story about a lady named Mariam from Uganda. She became famous because she has a lot of children—38 to be exact. People might think having four or maybe seven kids is a lot, but Mariam surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Mariam is 39 years old and is known as the „most fertile woman.“ All her children were born naturally, and despite facing many challenges, she never complained. Her youngest child is now five months old. Mariam got married at 13, and unfortunately, her husband treated her badly.

When journalists learned about Mariam, they set up an account for her, and kind people started sending money to help her raise her children. Some people see her as a hero, but they don’t understand why she chose to have so many kids.

People have different opinions about Mariam’s situation. Some say it’s not good for her, while others think it’s an amazing story. Some believe it’s her life, and she can decide what to do with it. Others feel there should be a break in having so many children. People even compare Mariam to animals, saying that even animals don’t have as many babies.

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