„Always Together“: Twins Celebrate 100th Birthday Without Ever Parting

It’s amazing to think that these twin sisters recently turned 100 years old! 😊

Twins are always close, even before they’re born. These two sisters, May Bell Powell and Mary Bell Roach, are no exception. They’ve been connected throughout their entire lives with a special bond.

When one of them feels bad, the other feels it too, even if they’re far apart. They’ve shared both tough times and happy moments. The sisters have never been apart in their lives, always staying close to each other.

May Bell and Mary Bell have faced many challenges, especially during the tough times of the Great Depression when they were young. Despite the difficulties, they went to school together and even used their similar looks to help each other out.

Mary recalls a time when her sister couldn’t hit a ball, so Mary did it for her. In return, her sister helped with an essay. After school, they both married classmates and became teachers in their hometown school. Their story has touched millions of hearts.

Throughout 100 years of living together, they’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. They’ve shared a room to be there in case one needed help in the middle of the night.

Despite facing many challenges over the years, the sisters don’t dwell on the difficult times. „We’ve been together since birth and never separated. All we have is love and care for each other,“ they say.

„I need her all the time,“ one of the sisters adds. „We live a wonderful life.“

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