„Young Prodigy“: 12-Year-Old Graduates with Biology Degree, Dreams of Microbiology at University of Florida

A smart girl just turned 12 and finished her exams at a Florida university, becoming its youngest graduate in 61 years.

During the graduation, the school’s leader thanked her, saying they’re proud to show their support for students’ dreams.

Like her friends, she enjoys playing Minecraft and watching Disney movies. Despite that, she holds a biology degree and dreams of joining the University of Florida for Microbiology.

Being a doctor’s daughter, she amazed her parents with unique abilities from a young age. At 15 months, she could form sentences, and by 2, she could read and write. However, schools rejected her, so she learned remotely.

At 9, she graduated from high school and entered college. When asked about missing her childhood, she says she doesn’t really think about it and has no regrets. College was special and important for her, but it didn’t replace her childhood.

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