“The Compassionate Taxi Driver”: Elderly Engineer Chooses Taxi Driving Over Job, Touching Many

Once, there was a remarkable taxi driver in India who used to be an engineer at a big company. However, he decided to quit his job and become a taxi driver. Every day, as he sat behind the wheel, he helped many people.

He explained, “I had a personal experience that led me to make this decision. Once, my wife went into labor, and we couldn’t find any available car to take us to the hospital. Unfortunately, we lost our baby. That incident made me rethink my life. I now charge passengers only during the day, and at night, I provide free rides, especially for those who urgently need to go to the hospital. I give my business cards to all passengers, and they can call me anytime, even late at night.”

One night, he encountered two men on the street who were trying to flag down a car. They had a woman with them who had severe burns and was in a terrible condition. The taxi driver immediately approached them and learned that no other cars were willing to help. He quickly drove them to the hospital, and fortunately, the woman recovered. They became friends after that incident.

The taxi driver, an elderly man who can speak 11 languages, shared, “I have successful children, and I used to work as a professional engineer. However, the most significant achievement in my life is being able to take many people to the hospital for free. I hope my actions can help others live better lives. I am happy to be a simple taxi driver.”

This heartwarming story touched the hearts of millions on the Internet.

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