„After the Divorce“: Shakira’s New Romance Revealed a Year Later

Shakira recently started a new romantic relationship, and it’s not about trying to make her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, jealous. After ending an 11-year relationship with Piqué, Shakira found a new man just a year later.

Tom Cruise was happy to meet Shakira, but it seems Lewis Hamilton has won Shakira’s heart. They met at a restaurant in Miami, and there are pictures of them looking friendly, like when he placed his hand on her waist. It could just be casual hanging out.

According to people who know them well, Lewis and Shakira are in the stage of getting to know each other better. They spend time together and flirt, but it’s not an attempt to make anyone jealous. Shakira just wants to be happy.

Shakira has tried various ways to bother Gerard in the past. Even if her relationship with Lewis isn’t serious, Shakira has taken a significant step. She doesn’t talk about Gerard with disgust, though.

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