„Challenging Stereotypes“: Siamese Twins Choose Joy Instead of Opting for Surgical Separation

Surprisingly, in 2023, two twins from Mexico turned 22 years old. 🧐🥹

Despite doctors thinking they wouldn’t live long when they were born, the twins are still alive, proving the experts wrong. Now, they live in the USA.

This year marks their 22nd birthday. Although doctors suggested separating their bodies, the twins refused. They are living happily, with one sister driving a car and the other dating a young man they plan to marry soon.

They’ve also decided to become veterinarians and are getting ready to start training in this field.

While they face challenges, like choosing clothes, a helpful neighbor who is a tailor offers to make custom outfits for them.

The twins believe they can feel each other’s emotions well. They decided to share their story to help other Siamese twins.

„People often see us differently. They think we’re disabled and not like them. They ask personal questions about how we live, but we’re not just Siamese twins; we’re ordinary people,“ says one sister.

Despite facing offensive questions and negative comments on social media, the twins choose to focus on the beauty in life.

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