94-Year-Old McDonald’s Employee Celebrates 45 Years of Dedicated Service and Shuns Retirement

Lorraine Maurer is a 94-year-old lady from Indiana. Back in 1973, her husband had to stop working due to a disability, so Lorraine decided to find a job herself. She didn’t work for money but because she felt they were too young to just stay at home.

She got a job at McDonald’s and has stuck with it ever since. While she has changed restaurants within the company, Lorraine has never switched jobs. Surprisingly, she doesn’t want to move up the career ladder or retire.

Lorraine really enjoys her job because she has great customers. Even after all these years, she only works two days a week. She has built strong relationships with many customers who know and love her. Some people specifically come to the restaurant on the days she works just to talk to her.

Lorraine has four children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She considers her customers more than just clients—they are her true friends. She even goes to baseball games with some of them. For her, work is not just a job; she cherishes every moment.

Though retirement crosses her mind, Lorraine admits she would miss her job too much. She believes that if you love your job, you are happy. The restaurant owners also appreciate her a lot and recently celebrated her 44 years of working at McDonald’s.

At the celebration, the owner praised her, saying they would love to have more employees like her. They feel lucky to have her as part of their team.

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