Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Her Struggles and Heartbreak Following Split from Tom Cruise

At first, the actors became one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. 😯

All the fans were happy when Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise in 1990. They were a lovely couple.

They looked really good together in Hollywood. But their happiness didn’t last long. They had problems during the making of „Eyes Wide Shut.“

Nicole said the divorce was a surprise for her. After that, she started working on the TV show „The Hours.“

The talented star won a Golden Globe for Best Actress. But this film was a real challenge for her.

She decided to talk about it years later. „I didn’t realize the danger that was real back then. But now I understand that I made a mistake,“ she said in an interview.

„Of course, I wasn’t in a good condition, but I let the character of my role affect me. The director knew what I was going through and was very understanding,“ she explained.

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