„Understanding the Split“: Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Divorce After 16 Years Explained

In 2017, actors Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet got together after being friends for 16 years. People loved this couple, but recently, Jason Momoa revealed that he and Lisa Bonet have decided to end their relationship.

They were together for a long time and officially became a couple in 2017. However, Jason shared that although they love each other, they didn’t want to feel restricted anymore. He said, „We love each other, but we don’t want to live without freedom. We don’t want to limit our freedom.“

The separation wasn’t easy for them. It took a while for Jason and Lisa to make this decision. According to an anonymous source, they actually separated a few years ago. Jason’s career was taking off, and he was busy with filming, while Lisa preferred staying in Los Angeles.

Despite their divorce, Jason and Lisa managed to handle things amicably, especially for the sake of their children. According to an insider, there won’t be any big dramas in their divorce; they plan to resolve everything peacefully.

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