“David Beckham Unveils His Wife’s Secret”: Victoria’s 25-Year Diet of Fish and Vegetables

The weight loss program that Victoria Beckham follows is quite famous for being strict.🧐😳

David and Victoria have been together for a long time and are a beautiful couple with many fans.

During their time together, Victoria made a big change in her life by losing a lot of weight. She gave up many of her eating habits, and there are stories and rumors about her diet.

While fans didn’t think much about how David feels about his wife’s diet, the truth is that after retiring from sports, David got into cooking and preparing delicious meals. His friend, the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, also helps out in the kitchen.

David once shared, “I’m very passionate about food. When I try something new, I want everyone to taste it. However, my wife Victoria has been eating only fish and vegetables for almost 25 years, and besides these, she doesn’t eat anything else.”

There were times when Victoria temporarily gave up her strict diet, and that was during her pregnancies. David fondly recalled one of those evenings, saying, “It was one of my favorite evenings. I don’t remember exactly what we ate, but since then, she hasn’t tried anything else.”

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