“Cameron Diaz Chooses Not to Hide Her Daughter Anymore”: Actress Reveals Grown Child to Fans

Cameron Diaz has always kept her daughter hidden, but recently, she decided to show her to the world. The actress attended a model’s wedding with her husband and their daughter.

The little girl, who is over 3 years old, wore a cute pink dress and stole the spotlight at the event. People couldn’t help but admire her, and even the bride and groom were overshadowed.

Cameron and her husband looked nice too. He wore a black shirt, while Cameron wore a tight dress that highlighted her great figure.

After the wedding, Cameron stopped acting. She wanted to focus on her family, especially after becoming a mom. She enjoyed being at home, taking care of her daughter, and rarely went out.

Motherhood became her main interest, and she didn’t want to leave her baby even for a short time. Now, she’s sharing the joy of her family with the world.

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