Kelly Clarkson’s Genuine Reason for Moving Talk Show: A Heartfelt Revelation

Clarkson is moving her talk show from LA to NYC because she wants to be closer to her family. She shared this decision during a TalkShopLive interview, mentioning that she informed her team about it in January.

She explained that the COVID pandemic made her realize being far from family is not good, especially during isolation. Since her family is in North Carolina and dealing with personal issues, she wanted to be closer to them. So, she asked NBC to move her show to NYC, and they confirmed this change earlier this month.

The show, which premiered in 2019, was originally filmed in Los Angeles but will now be at NBC in NYC starting this autumn. Despite some controversy with claims of a toxic work environment by current and former staff, the show has been renewed until 2025.

Clarkson responded to the controversy on Instagram after Rolling Stone published an article featuring the allegations.

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