“Victoria Beckham Shares Exciting News”: Husband David Beckham Sees Her Without Makeup for the First Time!

Victoria recently decided to show her fans how she does her makeup. Everyone knows Victoria and David Beckham are one of the most beautiful couples. Despite some rumors about their relationship not being perfect, they have shown that nothing can break their family.

In a recent video, Victoria started with no makeup, even without eyebrows, which is something she has never shown before. She admitted to making mistakes with her eyebrows in the past, like many people do. She mentioned that she plucked too much and now has very thin eyebrows.

She wanted her fans to see how she fixes her eyebrows using makeup. Victoria doesn’t use eyebrow shadow; instead, she carefully paints each hair with a pencil. There have been rumors about her getting microblading, but she hasn’t addressed those speculations. The couple often shares pictures together on social media and speaks highly of each other, showing their strong bond.

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