„Madonna Flaunts Unchanged Tastes“: Reveals New Young Boyfriend Publicly

Madonna and her younger boyfriend went to a music event. Madonna usually dates younger guys, and this time she was with her 29-year-old lover. She shared pictures on social media from the concert by the Labèque sisters.

Madonna wore a simple white shirt and black pants, looking like she was in a school uniform. She braided her hair in pigtails, and fans liked that she appeared younger.

Since her divorce, Madonna seems to prefer dating guys who are up to 35 years old. She broke up with a 28-year-old boyfriend last year and another who was 23. People are not sure if her relationship with the current boyfriend is real or just for publicity.

Madonna is getting involved in patronage, but it doesn’t mean their romance is ruled out. Some fans still question if their love story is genuine.

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