Jessica Simpson’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Sparks Mixed Reactions on Kim Kardashian’s Skims Promotion

People are really happy to get a big dose of motivation again! 😊

So, there’s this famous star, Jessica Simpson, who amazed everyone by losing a lot of weight—from 108 to 45 kg. She shared some honest photos, and her fans are feeling super motivated.

In her latest picture, she looked fantastic in a swimsuit. But interestingly, some fans liked her colleague Kim Kardashian’s Skims bodysuit more.

Now, Skims has a good reputation, but people on the internet didn’t like that Jessica was promoting someone else’s brand. Some comments were like, „Jessica is beautiful, but I don’t like Kim Kardashian,“ and „I love Jessica, but not a fan of Kim at all.“

It seems not everyone is into Kim Kardashian, and that’s totally okay. People have different opinions! 😊

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