“Nicolas Cage’s Survival Saga”: From Debt to Bug-Powered Meals

People can start eating bugs instead of meat because bugs are just as nutritious. 🧐🧐

The famous actor Nicolas Cage began acting in low-budget movies. He starred in these films knowing they wouldn’t bring him much success. The actor wasn’t very successful and ended up in significant debt.

“I invested my money in real estate. Eventually, I managed to pay back everything, but the amount was large. I never declared bankruptcy,” said the actor.

He is grateful for his work, but he had to accept roles in unsuccessful projects. He believes that any job is still a job.

“Even if the movie is bad, I won’t take a break or end my career,” said the actor about his less successful roles.

After these roles, he claims that a person can live in almost any situation because people can even eat bugs.

“If you’re not afraid of bugs, you can solve the problem of hunger. Bugs have a lot of protein and no fat, so they are very beneficial,” says Cage.

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