„Emma Watson Unveils a Secret“: Her Lack of Decision-Making Power in Hollywood

She felt really sad because the people in charge didn’t consider her ideas. 🧐

In different movies, the main characters always end up in different ways.

It seems like Emma Watson’s critics expected her to have a successful career, but she stayed out of the spotlight.

Her latest movie, „Little Women,“ was successful and even won an Oscar. But it affected her mood because the directors didn’t think about her ideas for the characters.

„I felt like I was in a locked cage every time. When they asked me about my roles, I didn’t know what to say because it was hard to promote a project where I didn’t have a say,“ the star explained.

She said, „If I’m criticized, I can admit that I failed, and it was my choice.“

Now, she’s choosing to only act in movies that let her show her true potential. In her free time, she’ll do whatever she wants.

„Even when I was filming for ‘Harry Potter,’ I was always told to perform, but now I’m working on a music video for a famous musician,“ the actress said.

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