Harry Styles Chooses to Steer Clear of Met Gala 2023 to Avoid Scandal with Emily and Olivia

The artist, Harry Styles, didn’t go to the Met Gala 2023 in New York. People think he skipped it because his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, and another person, Emily Ratajkowski, were there.

Fans noticed Harry wasn’t at the event, but he usually never misses such concerts. Some on the internet said he might not have wanted to see Olivia Wilde after they broke up, and they hadn’t met since then.

However, it wasn’t just about Olivia. Emily Ratajkowski’s presence also made Harry decide not to go. Insiders say he got an invitation but changed his mind when he found out his ex-lovers would be there.

Organizers said they would make sure Harry didn’t run into Olivia and Emily. But Harry didn’t want to take any chances. He thought it was safer not to go.

An insider mentioned that Harry wasn’t ready to see Olivia Wilde yet. Interestingly, Olivia and Emily didn’t show any signs of being unfriendly at the event. Afterward, they even went to the same party. So, it seems Harry worried for no reason, although we can understand why he didn’t want to see them.

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