„6 Months Later“: Star Reveals Dramatic Transformation Following Cosmetic Surgery at 61

Meg Ryan, the famous actress, is well-known for her beauty that charmed both men and women. Many people recognized her from popular movies where her angelic appearance stood out.

She wasn’t considered conventionally beautiful, but her sweet and always-smiling nature created a positive impact. Despite not having perfect beauty, she captured the hearts of many.

To maintain her Hollywood image, Meg Ryan opted for cosmetic surgery for almost 15 years. However, the outcome showed that money couldn’t solve the problem or guarantee success.

In 2013, she revealed the effects of her cosmetic procedures, shocking her fans with a somewhat mask-like appearance. The surgeon had used a lot of Botox, fillers, and performed an unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

Since then, Ryan has been trying to fix the results of her cosmetic surgery. She made a rare public appearance in New York at an event to support a friend whose movie was premiering. This was her first public appearance in six months, indicating that she was in a recovery period after the surgery.

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