Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s Son’s Unusual Name Finally Disclosed, Gaining Recognition Among Fans

Rihanna’s fans were excited when they learned she was pregnant at 35. For a whole year, they eagerly waited to find out the name of her baby. Finally, the news came out, not from Rihanna herself, but through the Daily Mail, which obtained a copy of the baby’s birth certificate.

According to the document, Rihanna’s son is named RZA Athelstan. The second name honors his father, ASAP Rocky. Rihanna didn’t explain why she chose this name, and she hasn’t shared much about it. Even the pronunciation of the baby’s name remains a mystery.

Rihanna has kept details about her second child, including the gender, under wraps. Some fans speculate she might be expecting a girl based on photos where she’s seen shopping for children’s clothes, particularly in the color pink. Overall, it seems Rihanna is keeping the upcoming arrival of her second child a bit of a secret for now.

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